Fragrance Allergy Holding Strong

Sometimes I optimistically wonder if I've outgrown my fragrance allergy. Answer: nope.  Confirmation: cologne-filled Uber ride drive my skin bonkers. Details below.

  1. Uber driver sprays a ton of cologne while in his car right before picking me up. Either that or he spilled a bottle of cologne in his car.
  2. I get in the car and can barely breathe because of how strong it smelled. It was beyond unpleasant.
  3. My legs got itchy within a few minutes. Oddly, the itchiness was on my knees, which is not a typical flare-up spot for me.
  4. I get home and am still itchy. Plus, my hair and clothes reek of the cologne.
  5. I shower and apply Protopic (generic brand) on my knees. Unfortunately, Protopic hurts before it helps, so my knees get hot and more itchy. 

Who needs patch testing when an Uber ride can confirm skin allergies?