Bitter Sweet Steroid Packss

What I thought were just allergies ended up turning into a horrible cough with asthmatic symptoms, so I went to the doctor. Turns out it was an infection and I should've gone to the doctor way earlier. The good news is my breathing test came back with negative results: no asthma! The not-so-great news is that I had to take a steroid pack in addition to an antibiotic ...

Steroid packs cause a mix of strong emotions for me: it indicates my defeat to eczema and also the blissful eczema-free time that comes from taking the medication. When my doctor told me he was prescribing prednisone, I accidentally blurted, "but my skin is okay!" Silly, Helen. Steroid packs are for so much more than just skin issues. 

What's the worst thing about steroid medication? The after-effects. After I finish a pack, my skin is usually worse than how it was before I started it. Rebound, stronger eczema! I will continue to avoid steroid packs as much as possible, but, oh, the bitter sweetness of steroid packs!