The Sprint from the Shower to the Moisturizer

Short showers with not-too-hot water is a must for eczema folks. You get in and you get out! No dillydallying. When my skin is super flared up, I shower carefully, only getting my skin wet when necessary. Water is one of an eczema sufferer's worst enemy! It burns and dries out the skin.

A shower usually shows me the first sign of an upcoming flareup - you can feel it in your skin as the water touches it. Because the water dries out the skin as you shower, as soon as you finish, it's imperative for you to moisturize and use your eczema products right away. On good days, it's not important; but on bad days, I can feel my skin dry out at a super fast rate. Within five minutes, it's uncomfortable to stretch my face and body. 

So run, my eczema peeps, from the shower to the moisturizer and get your skin in order so you can have a great day with your body!