My Christmas Tree is Trying to Kill Me

Last December, my now-husband and I went into our garage to pull down our artificial Christmas tree. My guy decided to shake out the tree outside before bringing it into the house. I thought it was unnecessary, but couldn't have been more wrong. 

Houston is great for many reasons, but big, disgusting c*%ckro@&h bugs aren't one of them. I can't look at them and can't even type their name. Ew. As you can imagine, our artificial tree box had become the home to trillions of those bugs. My knight in shining armor battled them out in our driveway for quite some time. We didn't get another tree last year; we were a bit over it. I find artificial trees pretty unappealing now - mainly because of the bug incident, but also because I have never been a fan of artificial plants or greenery and a christmas tree seems no different. Ideally, I'd use a potted tree that wouldn't need to die, but, unfortunately, Houston doesn't offer those Californian-type services for the holiday season.

So, last weekend my man and I went out searching for a real tree and found the perfect one: Short and wide, just like I wanted. We walked it home half a mile in the wet, cold weather, because it was easier than transporting it in Stormy, my i3. We finished decorating the tree last night; in fact, that's when I realized my tree was trying to kill me. Okay, maybe not kill me, but it was definitely hurting me.

My eyes, my wheezing, my quickly-worsening "regular-people allergies" are probably because of the live tree I have inside my own house! Obviously. Both my allergist and dermatologist have warned me about my allergy to plants and trees. It's been less than a week and I can barely sleep. My eyes are really bothering me and my cough gets really bad in my house. Yes, I should probably get rid of it ASAP. But not yet. I never said I was rational! Maybe other allergy-ridden people take perfect care of themselves all the time. I still try to fight my allergies at times. I'm not 100% sure my christmas tree is trying to kill me and I am hosting a holiday party next weekend. The tree is staying up! Although, it may not make it to the end of the month ...