Regular-People Allergies

Itchy eyes, runny nose, and coughing are what I call "regular-people allergies." These are the most common types of allergic reactions. Some folks get stuffy, others get itchy. I'm the latter, of course. Oddly enough, though, as my skin allergies have improved the last few months, I suddenly started experiencing regular-people allergies!

I've had mild to moderate laryngitis symptoms for a few months now - my voice is constantly hoarse and doesn't sound like me. I can in no way sing along to holiday songs this month. My nose is draining to my throat and even to my chest, giving me a bad cough at times. My eyes can barely handle the itchiness - they get swollen overnight and also get teary. So unlike me!

I think this proves that my eczema is caused by allergies. I'm around something (or multiple things) that are causing reactions. And now that my skin is a little more under control (I credit acupuncture and herbal pills!), my body is finding new ways to react. Enter the runny nose and itchy eyes. 

I feel a little guilty for underestimating how these more common allergic reactions feel. I don't like them! They're not as bad as staying up all night with your skin on fire and unbearably itchy, but they're definitely not great by any means! 

Now if only I could stop sneezing so I can get up to take my weekly allergy injections ...