Makeup and Skin Allergies

Pretty colors and fun shades. Makeup is all the rave. Hypoallergenic or not, for peeps with skin allergies, makeup is not a friend.

I have a contact allergy to fragrance and tons of plants. This means most of those "natural" products don't make a difference. I got married recently and was convinced by friends that I needed to use makeup to get good photographs. I usually only wear the one black eyeliner that won't swell up my eyes.

So I went on a mission to find all the makeup gals wear: foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, etc. I tested so many. Ultimately, time ran out and I had to use what I deemed "safe." I thought I was okay, but got nervous after an unexpected and unrelated allergic reaction with my eyes a few days before my wedding. I freaked out and used the preventative steroid pack I had prepared for my wedding. This is not a norm for me and I do not recommend using steroid packs just in case your skin has a reaction to something! I avoid steroid packs as much as possible, but I was not going to risk having my skin go bonkers on my wedding day and honeymoon. 

I would list out all the makeup products I bought that now seem okay with my skin, but it really doesn't matter. Every immune system and body is different. If you have skin allergies, then you'll need to test products yourself.

You can save tons of money by knowing the ingredients to which you're allergic. Take a patch test with a dermatologist, if you haven't already. You can even get a list of products recommended by your dermatologist, based on your results. Even with that list, though, you'll need to experiment. I suggest trying a makeup sample before purchasing it. Go to Sephora or Nordstrom and try a product, leaving it on for the day. Don't do a full face of makeup, because it will be harder to isolate the allergen if you have a reaction. You may even have a little fun ... if you do this when you're not also planning a wedding!

Now that my wedding is over, maybe I'll start exploring colorful makeup again. I can't be allergic to all of it. Well, I could be, but we'll see ...