Short Hair for Eczema

When my hair is long, it looks pretty good. Freshly washed, with no product, my low-frizz natural waves are nothing to complain about. 

I usually don't wash it every day and opt for every 3 or 4 days. It doesn't look as great towards the end, but isn't bad.

Except ... when I have serious eczema on my face. The last few months, I've become the gal with the dirty, flaky hair in a ponytail. 

My routine is to moisturize my face heavily. My face gets all greasy, and my hairline does too. A few hours later, my face becomes super flaky and my skin starts peeling. In addition to my scalp being flaky along with the rest of my skin, my face sheds onto my hair! And then I end up looking like an even bigger mess. You'd think I'd want to wash my hair multiple times a day, but the reality is that when my eczema is moderate to severe all over my body, as it has been, I dread showers. They hurt! A lot. So I want to get in and out as fast as possible. Often, I skip washing my hair. A girl can only take so much! 

Last night, I left a party early, because I was ridiculously itchy all over my body. I knew I had to shower and that my hair had to get cleaned, but I was afraid of getting in the water. My hubbie came to my rescue! He washed my long hair over the tub. Once it was clean, I jumped in the shower and cleaned up as fast as possible. We realized I should cut my hair off, so I could easily and quickly wash it during my showers. Brilliant idea! So I cut it all off today!

Luckily, I love having short hair and I can pull it off pretty well and easily. It may not look great with a red, flaky, eczema-filled face, but long hair doesn't look good that way either!